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The actor has to develop his body. The actor has to work on his voice. But the most important thing the actor has to work on is his mind.
~ Stella Adler


Dramatic understanding


The use of  "simple drama" within The Halfling Project became a very popular option for those taking part . The project began in 2014 working with mainly boys and involved photoshoots and basic acting. Many of the boys taking part were within the autistic spectrum - the older ones often undiognosed  prior to the project. By 2015 the project had expanded to give all boys within the age range the oppurtunity to take part whether on the spectrum or not. Not all conditions were technically autistic, but many boys were struggling be it through "being different" and feeling different - just being confused - subject of bullying or encouragement in a school environment.

The mix between those with special needs and those nero typical has been important  as it means no one taking part feels outed by being involved with potential for more problems, ie bullying and exclusion.

As time went on the age range increased - mixed groups were encouraged and drama began to take centre stage.

This his how act4ward began, a seperate work designed to work with those who want or love to act and often want to become professional actors/performers.

Act4ward itself was no stranger to my work in principle - since William David began in 2007 [to mark the change from film work to digital] I had worked with actors, mainly on photoshoots and with the aim of building up confidence and range for the industry.

In 2018 it became obvious that video work has become paramount within the industry and was being used more and more within act4ward.

Video work now is the main aspect of act4ward, although stills shoots and working with the stills camera is still an important component.

The work reflected here with acthalfwild will in the main be part of the free to feature open work .

Careful casting and recruitment aims to have a team of "regular" players involved .

The details of all this will be within the project information.

This website compliments the main websites for The Halfling Project and act4ward uk and is set to be the most updated during the year all going well.